Maya Goldstein is a Birth and Postpartum Doula. She has experience in assisting mothers in the life changing process of birth and beyond.

Compassionate and inclusive support during pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Birth Doula:

At home, at a birthing center, or at the hospital as a birth doula I am here to support your needs through the 5 areas of support (physically, emotionally, informationally, supporting your partner, and in self advocacy). I help you take control of your pregnancy and feel secure as you welcome your baby into the world.

Post Partum Doula:

The primary purpose of the Postpartum Doula is to help the mother and the entire family transition into life with a newborn. I am here to help in any way you need, with supporting the mom, helping older children adjust, and helping the partner adjust too. I can also connect you to other postpartum resources.

1 on 1 Consultations

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